Residents celebrate road grading project initiated by Hon. Muktar Tolani Shagaya

Residents of the Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency have expressed joy and enthusiasm over the commencement of a rural road grading project initiated by Hon. Muktar Tolani Shagaya, their representative in the National Assembly.
The project, which began in Ogbondoroko, aims to improve road conditions for farmers and other residents, significantly boosting the local economy.
In a media statement issued on Friday, Hon. Shagaya shared his excitement about launching the road grading project across the 17 wards in Asa Local Government.

He emphasised that this initiative is part of his commitment to fulfilling promises made to his constituents and complements Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s efforts to enhance the living standards of local communities.
“The road grading project is designed to improve the transportation of agricultural goods and facilitate smoother daily activities for farmers and traders. I am delighted to see these plans coming to fruition,” Hon. Shagaya stated.

During the flag-off ceremony, Hon. Yunus Oniboki, a member of the Kwara State House of Assembly, expressed gratitude for Hon. Shagaya’s efforts in addressing the road challenges faced by the community.
“We are grateful to Hon. Muktar Shagaya for complementing the efforts of the Kwara State government in ameliorating our road challenges,” he said.